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Sterling Community Food Coalition is located in Mt. Sterling – Montgomery County, KY and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide food for people who are insecure in their food supply and to support ongoing efforts by our community to end hunger.
We have established a food pantry to complement the good work already being done in the community by other food pantries, churches, organizations, businesses and individuals.
Over the past few months our number of new clients have increased on a monthly basis. In July our number of households served was 285 and the number of people served was 734. We had 63 new clients in July alone. These numbers do not include the Monthly Box Give-a-way that we facilitate on behalf of God’s Pantry.
With our continued growth in clients our stock is being depleted very quickly and we need to replenish that stock. We do get some items free from God’s Pantry and from a couple local businesses we receive donations from that are affiliated with God’s Pantry, but for the most part we have to purchase the food. With your donations, we can purchase food at a cheaper cost than what you are able to go to the store and purchase items and donate.

Spaghetti Sauce
87 - 24oz cans of spaghetti sauce

Price: $80.00

Dry Spaghetti Pasta
140-16 ounce packs of dry spaghetti pasta

Price: $70.00

Canned Tuna
48-5 ounce cans of tuna

Price: $40.00

Mac & Cheese
206 - 7.25 ounce boxes of mac & cheese

Price: $60.00

Skillet Dinner Meals
96-6 ounce packs of skillet dinner meals

Price: $40.00

Instant Oatmeal Variety
24-10 x 13.7 ounce packs of instant oatmeal

Price: $35.00

Peanut Butter
24-18 ounce jars of peanut butter

Price: $28.00

Beef Stew
12-20 ounce cans of beef stew

Price: $20.00

48 -10.5 ounce cans of soup

Price: $26.00

box of instant mashed potatoes
Instant Mashed Potatoes
18-15.3 ounce packets of instant mashed potatoes

Price: $24.00

Canned Fruit Cocktail
18-15 ounce cans of fruit cocktail

Price: $18.00

Canned Peaches
24-15 ounce cans of peaches

Price: $18.00

Brown Rice
24-6 ounce bags of brown rice

Price: $15.00

1% Milk
12-32 ounce cartons of shelf stable milk

Price: $15.00

Canned Corn
24-15 ounce cans of mixed vegetables

Price: $14.00

Canned Green Beans
24- 15 ounce cans of green beans

Price: $14.00

Toasted Oats Cereal
10-17 ounce boxes of cereal

Price: $12.00

Applesauce Cups
4-4 ounce applesauce cups

Price: $5.00

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  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate provides even more meals for our hungry neighbors.

  • Donations made through this Virtual Food Drive will be designated for need-based purchases that support the God’s Pantry Food Bank mission.

    The products in this Virtual Food Drive are intended to be representative of the types of product that will be purchased with your gift.

    Thank you for your participation and support!